2015-16 marked the inaugural year for the Bok Undergraduate Pedagogy Fellows Program, which was created with the goal of improving the section experience for both undergraduates and graduate Teaching Fellows.   Four undergraduates were chosen because of their own experience teaching and their thoughtful articulation of the factors that contribute to a valuable classroom learning experience.  The four Fellows met weekly with Virginia Maurer, Senior Associate Director of the Bok Center, to read and discuss the literature on how learning works as well as for mentoring as they began to lay the groundwork for designing and implementing the workshops later in the year.

The Pedagogy Fellows created and implemented an interactive workshop about Harvard undergraduates, their expectations for sections and Teaching Fellows, and strategies to promote more productive relationships and interactions between students and teaching fellows.  Over the course of the year, the Fellows' work expanded to include leading a variety of workshops for graduates students, participating in Bok Seminars alongside graduate Teaching Fellows, and conducting videotaped interviews with fellow undergraduates for the purpose of putting together clips for TF training.  As it continues to grow and develop, the program has the potential to make an important difference in the teaching and learning experience for both graduate and undergraduate students.