Pedagogy and Practice

Members of the Pedagogy and Practice team of the Bok Center bring disciplinary and pedagogical expertise to support excellence in teaching and communication for instructors at all levels.  In formats including workshops, seminars, and individual consultations, the Pedagogy and Practice group works with Harvard’s teaching and learning community on many topics - from providing guidance about designing courses, syllabi, and assignments; to developing strategies to give students feedback on their learning; to helping graduate students and scholars communicate more clearly, practice, and become reflective about their teaching.


Media, Literacy and Visualization

The Media, Literacy, and Visualization (MLV) platform brings a 21ST century understanding of literacy to teaching and learning.  Members of the MLV team collaborate with faculty and students to employ a variety of modes of literacy – including media, writing, drawing, performance, video, and animation – as mechanisms for learning.  The MLV team develops, shares, and cultivates methods of engaging different literacies inside and outside of the classroom. The MLV team also oversees the Learning Lab, a physical and technological space that also includes the expertise needed to accelerate experimentation and exploration in learning. 

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Educational Research and Assessment

Assessment is an integrative process: one of design, implementation, and evaluation of success facilitated by reflection, and practical integration of what has been learned into the next iteration of a course or program. At Bok we view assessment as an integral piece of instruction, curriculum building and university strategic planning. Anchored within a Center for Teaching and Learning our work is deeply connected to the practice of teaching and scholarship and we are committed to 1) Collaborating across disciplines, 2) Bringing Research to Practice, and 4) Building Knowledge Networks.