House Renewal Evaluation


In the spring of 2015, we evaluated the impact of the house renewal process, a billion dollar project, on students, tutors, and housemasters for two pilot houses, Quincy/Stone Hall and McKinlock/Leverett. We conducted focus groups with students and tutors, interviews with housemasters, and analyzed data from the Enrolled Students Survey and the Senior Exit Survey. The goal of the evaluation was to assess the planning process, the transition period, and the impact of the new physical space on community engagement, peer-to-peer and peer-to-tutor relationships

We found that while students were happy with the renovations in general, they wanted more private social spaces to hang out with friends and were disappointed with the disappearance of en-suite common rooms. Hallway common rooms were often underutilized because of their physical structure which made them feel unwelcoming for socializing. Instead they were being used as study spaces. As a result of our study, recommendations were made to retain the ensuite common rooms with the coming construction.

The House Renewal Report

Article on the Dunster House Renewal

Student Athletics Evaluation

Working with the Athletics department and Harvard College Institutional Research, we are currently conducting a time-use study with student athletes. In order to understand the student experience for this unique group of students, we had participants track their activities (practice, studying, etc.) using a phone app and we conducted surveys and focus groups to understand both their academic and social experience.

The results of this evaluation will help to inform the College and the Athletics department about how athletes are using their time and provide recommendations for how the College and the Athletics Department can work together to help athletes make the most of their time at Harvard, both athletically and academically.

Administrative Board Evaluation

We are conducting an evaluation of Harvard’s Administrative Board’s decision making process. We have developed a survey for the members of the administrative board to respond to about their perceptions of the decision making, group dynamics, and about procedural and distributive justice. The goal of the evaluation is to provide feedback to the Board’s leadership about which aspects of the Board’s process is working well, and which areas could be improved through additional training or adjustments in the decision making process.