Learning Lab

For one week in July, the Bok Center’s Learning Lab staff devoted itself to working on a navigation assignment that would send students out into Harvard Square asking questions about the true nature of being “lost.”

Departmental Teaching Fellows

The Departmental Teaching Fellows program has evolved since its start in 2004, but the purpose remains the same: to support all the teaching fellows in the College and professional schools teaching Harvard undergraduates.

Bok Assessment: Using Feedback to Improve Learning

Evaluating everything from HSPH courses to Gen Ed and House Renewal in Harvard College, the Bok Center’s assessment teams finds crucial insights into spaces—both physical and virtual—and how students learn.


Bok 40th

A two-day symposium in May celebrated the first 40 years of the Bok Center, and at the same time, defined a vision for the Center’s next 40 years of excellence in teaching and learning.

Faculty Lunches on Active Learning

Bringing faculty from different disciplines together for lunch three times each semester, the Bok Center offers an occasion for professors to teach professors some very specific pointers on conducting their class.