To encourage faculty to share strategies for engaging students inside and outside of the classroom, we hosted a series of lunches on active learning.  Each semester, we held three lunchtime conversations, one for each of the divisions: arts and humanities, social sciences, and sciences and engineering. At each lunch, one or two faculty members discussed active learning approaches that they have tried, which sparked vibrant conversations among the attendees.  Each lunch attracted approximately 15 participants, representing a variety of faculty appointments, from preceptor to senior faculty.  

The faculty speakers discussed a range of topics, including: flipping the classroom (whereby students watch videos of lecture content before class and then do activities during class), developing creative assignments, using scaffolding to help student build expertise, and asking students to provide feedback to their peers on writing assignments.


90 Faculty
attended AN active learning lunch during the 2015-2016 academic year

Speakers during 2015-16:  

  • Julie Buckler - Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature

  • Claudia Goldin - Economics

  • Noel Michele Holbrook - Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

  • Maya Jasanoff - History

  • Robin Kelsey - History of Art and Architecture

  • Elena Kramer - Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

  • Karena McKinney - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Jason Mitchell - Psychology

  • Kiran Musunuru - Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

  • Bernhard Nickel - Philosophy

  • Dustin Tingley - Government

  • Gregory Tucci - Chemistry and Chemical Biology